• L type automatic shrink sealing and cutting machine
  • Powder quantitative filling and sewing line
  • Automatic cover and cover filling line
  • Automatic feeding multi-head scale quantitative automatic packaging machine
  • Custom bowl cup box automatic sealing machine
  • Bag type automatic vacuum packaging machine
Company Profile
I-star Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise that produces and sells food, medicine, daily chemicals and chemical product packaging machinery. The main products include filling machine, inkjet printer,vacuum packaging machine, labeling machine, sealing machine,filling produce line, weight selection and other metal detectors. The company has a professional R&D team, a number of middle and senior technical staff, and skilled production workers. It relies on the advanced concepts and technical support of a well-known industry expert team, and has close... More
Freeing the hands of humans through automation and letting the world share the dividends of China's industrial development. We only focus on packaging equipment.

Hot Products

Dalian Shichuan packaging machinery is mainly engaged in vacuum packaging machine, shrink sealing and cutting machine, labeling machine, pillow packaging machine, carton packaging machine, filling and capping machine, filling machine, vertical packaging machine and production line, Can be widely used in food, medicine, daily chemicals, electrical appliances and other industries

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  • FAX:(+0411) 8684 6757
  • MOBILE:(+86)151 4060 1620
  • EMAIL:info@321pack.com
  • ADD:428 Shandong Rd,Dalian,116091,China
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